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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Reasons I Want to Cry... Today

So, a trusted colleague and One And Done fan suggested that I try publishing shorter pieces so that I could reach my audience more often while not feeling obliged to write a novel every time and, thereby, ridiculously overwhelmed. Great advice!!! Here goes...

It hasn't been a great day. Grumpiness crept in early on and it never fully let go. We all have days like this every now and then, right? For me, I've decided that it's because I don't really cry anymore. Not like I used to, anyway. When I was younger, I could cry at the drop of a hat. My mom used to say things like, "Oh, Regan. Don't be so dramatic". Whatever. She doesn't really do feelings... It's a long story. The point is, when you used to cry a lot, it's weird to not even be able to remember the last time you did it. And so, without getting into that bag of therapy, here are some of the reasons that absolutely made me want to shut myself in a closet with a box of Kleenex, baker's dozen of donuts and sob my face off in no particular order of importance:

Because Dallas won't touch his dinner. 
Because I didn't get the daycare delay email yesterday and it threw off my whole morning.
Because I royally f&@*ed up a work meeting agenda, had to resend invites three times today and am certain someone is judging me.
Because I have a mild headache that won't go away for which I haven't yet stopped to take an Advil and most likely won't.
Because two colleagues needed to chat today and I haven't had time to call them back and it's now 6:52pm EST.
Because I didn't get a chance to curl my hair this morning and pulled it back in a lame bun, which makes me feel ugly and lazy.
Because potty training is NOT going well and I didn't need the reminder.
Because my husband had to go to bed at 6:30pm because he has to get up for work at 9:30pm and I won't really get to talk to him for the next three days.
Because my mom is 3,000 miles away and today I just really miss her.
Because there's no alcohol in my house.
Because I can't figure out why my lower back hurts.
Because I forgot to make Dallas brush his teeth before bed. 
Because no matter how much f@&*ing Chapstick I slather on, my lips are perpetually chapped, which makes my lipstick look bumpy.

Now, to be clear, these are reasons that I have felt like crying...today. These are not necessarily yesterday's reasons, nor will they exactly mirror the reasons of tomorrow. 

I can only hope that tomorrow is a better day than today. And remembering that it's not necessarily about what happens, but how we respond to it. Here's to waking up on the right side of the bed!  

Stay sane and have a good cry!


  1. Love this. I am right there with you. And no one is judging you.

  2. I had a day like that at the beginning of the week and did a blog post about it. Here's what I took away from it. It's just a bad day, not a bad life.
    Hope the rest of your week is full of sunshine and belly laughs.

  3. Jenn - Thank you so much for saying that! You have no idea how reassuring that is. Much love, as always!

  4. Mariet - I can't wait to read your version of my day, haha! Will do today! Thanks for the encouragement. Hope your day is sunshiny as well!

  5. Great post Regan! Today will be much better!

  6. Some days are just really hard, for whatever reason. Never fun to go through, but hopefully a good sleep and some stress relief is all it takes to have a better day tomorrow.

  7. Robyn - Thanks for the comment! Very true!!