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Friday, July 31, 2015

What's Wrong?

I'm laughing to myself as I write this one. A couple of weeks ago, my husband asked me what was wrong. Now, being the working, traveling mother of a three-year-old, my husband has undoubtedly asked me this same question numerous times. I have a look (and probably a few gestures) that cues it up every time. Poker face has never been my forte. It's a lot of wide eyes, blowing air out of my mouth, hands in my hair... As my mom calls me, tense and crazy.

This particular instance of the "What's wrong?" query, however, felt a bit oddly timed considering the following life challenges our little family was facing at the moment. Here's what was wrong...

We're moving 800 miles away in three weeks and had no home to go to when we got there. Luckily, the third home application was the charm. But that hadn't happened yet.

We've spent five years in the house we own and had never bothered to wash the windows, vacuum under the couch or fix a million other things that people who might actually want to buy our house (or who we will beg to buy our house) would probably expect to have done.

Dallas probably didn't eat enough of his dinner. What else is new, but it still counts.

I was set to be traveling for eight of the eighteen days we had to get our house ready for its "house beautiful" photo shoot. Coincidentally, I'm writing this in an airport.

For two of those days, we needed someone to watch Dallas, which began a week long process of preparing our very routine-dependent child for his first sleepover away from home. While both of us were out of town.

I'm doing two jobs at the same time. The one I know how to do, I don't have time to do. Mostly because I'm spending the majority of my time trying to learn the new job. 

In general, not everyone gives a shit that you need stuff done in a certain timeframe. 

I think I remember A LOT of laundry needing to be done that particular day.

Also, I'm pretty annoyed that my veggie garden will now be enjoyed by someone else. Although, to be honest, it's pretty neglected since I've had no time to keep it up. 

No matter how many boxes I would pack, nothing looked any cleaner, less cluttered or different. It was like being in the packing twilight zone.

We had THE vaguest moving timeline of any group of people moving in three weeks. With their dog. 800 miles away (again).

And finally, there's the continually lingering possibility that we will move, no one will ever buy our house and we will find ourselves in some sort of raging mortgage disaster. 

These are just the ones I can remember now, two weeks later. 

So after waiting the 2.7 seconds it would take for me to absorb his question, run through all of these things that were "wrong" in my mind and rather than respond with something more along the lines of what I was really feeling, I simply said, "Huh? Nothing." And kept it moving. 

This five short years of marriage has taught me that if I want to make it another five, I can't take every bit of bait offered up. You need to ask for what you need and want, but you don't have to share every single thought that's in your head just because someone asks you to. 

Stay sane and pick your battles!


  1. Omg....stress. good choice not answering the question. I hope things move a smoothly with the house.

  2. Omg....stress. good choice not answering the question. I hope things move a smoothly with the house.

  3. Omg....stress. good choice not answering the question. I hope things move a smoothly with the house.